My first day…

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

…and first time, ever, on a blog.  And I have to admit, I’m actually excited…sort of, maybe.

But it wasn’t easy to get me to embark on this journey.  Oh, no.

To be quite honest, in the beginning, I didn’t want to do this, but was told that it was the thing to do.  At writers’ conferences and workshops, it’s a point of topic: Start a site or blog and get yourself out there.  So I finally pulled my feet out of the tub of self-induced quick setting cement, rinsed them off, and dove head first into the blog pool.

But that isn’t what gave me the headache.

You see, unfortunately, I’m very computer challenged.  And I can’t troubleshoot.  I’m afraid to push anything because usually, if not always, I end up with a problem.

And the very first thing I did, it happened (like I said, it always does), I made a mistake.  So after I kneaded my forehead, gritted my teeth, and pulled my hair, I punched the HELP button and navigated my way through all the wonderful words, sentences, and paragraphs.  I took copious notes and realized…I didn’t understand a thing.

I left a “help message”.

  1. grifties says:

    Great start, I like your new blog! I just wanted to warn you what you are getting into -blogging is addictive.

    Not in the traditional, this-is-so-fun-i-can’t-get-enough kinda way. No, it’s more complicated than that. You start out just dipping your feet in the water, writing about this or that and casually dropping in conversations with friends that you started a lil blog. But like the addict that just wants a taste, it’s not long before you are knee-deep in blogging that you start losing sleep over what tags to use or bloggers to follow.

    Just know you aren’t alone. And that just like every other blogger, blatant self-promotion (CHECK OUT for great gift ideas and blogs) is acceptable. Because us addicts have to stick together!

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